Ontario Dairy Council (ODC) is the provincial trade association that represents the interests and concerns of dairy product manufacturers in the province.  ODC Members range from small artisan dairies, to on-farm processors, to mid-size companies, co-operatives and large multi-national organizations.  These companies, with collective annual sales in Ontario of over $6 Billion, manufacture the full range of dairy products including milk, cream, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, butter, powder and dairy ingredients.  They also use many species of milk including bovine, goat, sheep and buffalo.  Collectively, Members process approximately 97% of all milk produced in Ontario. 

On June 8th, 1971, ODC was formed through the amalgamation of five well-known dairy processor organizations:

  • The Ontario Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers (founded in 1917)
  • The Ontario Milk Distributors Association (1929)
  • The Ontario Concentrated Milk Manufacturers Association (1955)
  • The Ontario Cheese Manufacturers Association (1955)
  • The Ontario Dairy Processors Council (1955)

ODC Associates are suppliers of equipment, packaging and other products and services used by dairy processors.

Membership in ODC is voluntary.  Annual Member fees are based on the dollar value of dairy product sales.  Associates pay a flat fee annually.  ODC's operations are totally financed by the industry and without government funding.

ODC liaises on a continual basis with varying provincial ministries, Dairy Farmers of Ontario,  the Ontario Milk Transport Association, other provincial and national dairy processor associations and with the federal government. ODC keeps Members informed through regular newsletters and meetings.  ODC Committees provide a forum for Members and Directors to discuss current issues and report back to the Board where policy decisions are made.

The ODC's annual convention has been a success since its inception and remains a premier dairy industry event.