Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies



A dynamic, innovative, profitable and growing dairy processing industry, competitive domestically and internationally

Broad, strong representation of the collective member interests.


  • to be the industry leader in public dairy policy decision making
  • to be one strong voice supporting all its members
  • to be the proactive change leader through cooperative relationships with other progressive groups to position and shape ODC's role in the changing environment
  • to simplify industry regulations and policies where possible
  • to promote growth of new milk supplies while maintaining the investments of ODC members
  • to encourage proactive industry measures that promote growth



  1. Participate in national Dairy System Modernization negotiations
  2. Participate in development of all Ontario, P5 and P10 Initiatives and Programs
  3. Reinforce Ontario’s quality objectives and programs for the dairy industry 
  4. Work with DFO to enhance tools for PSQ calculation, allocation, monitoring and forecasting.
  5. Continue to promote integration of MUV in other provinces with DFO/P8
  6. Identify and promote developmental opportunities that can advance the dairy processing industry
  7. Understand the provincial government platform for growth and link to membership desires for growth


  1. Promote dairy processor trade mitigation recommendations with Government and partners
  2. Continue to work collaboratively with DFO and ensure there is open/transparent industry
  3. consultation with ODC directly as the dairy processing sector representative
  4. Continue to collaborate with other processor associations
  5. Support regulatory proposals that allow flexibility and product innovation
  6. Advocate for equitable treatment, and consistent application of rules, to all processors

  ​Member Services

  1. Update and evolve and
  2. Ensure ODC compliance with new Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act
  3. Keep Members informed about developments related to CETA and TPP
  4. Encourage new processor participants to the food bank donation program
  5. Complete Phase II of the Cheesemaker Skills Development Project
  6. Update ODC's HTST Pasteurization Training Program
  7. Explore/implement initiatives to mitigate impacts of CETA and TPP on processors