High Temperature Short Time (HTST) Pasteurization Training Program

As part of its continuing education services to the dairy processing industry, Ontario Dairy Council (ODC) is proud to offer its HTST Pasteurization Training Program.  This program has been designed to equip participants with an understanding of the principles of pasteurization, the design and installation of pasteurization equipment, and the safety features necessary to the process.  Along with hands-on training, the program will also provide theoretical instruction in areas such as HTST system components and controls, testing and record requirements, and cross connection.

Whether you are a dairy employee or a supplier to the industry, whether you are a member of ODC or not, you can gain new skills and confidence through program participation.  So, don’t delay!  Grow and learn with us by enrolling today!

Students who enrol to acquire or improve skills for their occupation may qualify for a tuition tax credit, under Section 118.5 of the Income Tax Act, when course fees exceed $100.00.  Receipts must be requested as ODC will not automatically send these out.

NOTE: ODC members receive substantial course discounts.  If you enrol in a course and join the Council within 30 days, the difference between the non-member and member fees will be applied to your first year of ODC membership fees.


Once your complete enrolment form with the required fees is received by ODC, a complete HTST Pasteurization Training Program manual will be emailed to you.  Along with course completion instructions, the electronic manual includes the relevant reading material with corresponding question and answer sheets and information about upcoming training sessions. Everything you need to know to successfully complete the program will be included in your electronic manual.


The HTST Pasteurization Training Program includes two main steps:

Step 1 – Home Study Element
Successful completion of the home study element is the first step to obtaining your Completion Certificate for ODC’s HTST Pasteurization Training Program. All you have to do is read each of the 2 lessons, complete the corresponding assignment, and forward it to the ODC office for grading. Your assignments will be graded, on a confidential basis, and returned to you promptly. Once both assignments have been completed, you can proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 – HTST Training Session
The second and last step of the HTST Pasteurization Training Program is to attend one of ODC’s HTST Training Sessions. Each session is one day long and sessions will be held approximately twice per year in Mississauga or at various locations across Ontario (based on demand). During the session, you will hear lectures related to HTST safety, see demonstrations on an HTST unit, practice using the unit yourself, and write an exam based on the 2 home-study lessons and the information learned during the training session.


To obtain your Completion Certificate for ODC’s HTST Pasteurization Training Program, you must complete both of the steps listed above and have an overall average mark of at least 70%.  Each of the home-study assignments is worth 15% each for a total of 30%, and the written exam is worth 70%.
Participants who successfully meet these requirements will receive their HTST Pasteurization Training Program Completion Certificate in the mail within 2-3 weeks of completion.


ODC’s course completion policy requires that at least one home-study lesson per month be completed and submitted to the ODC office for grading. Furthermore, each student is required to attend an HTST Training Session within 6 months following completion of the home-study assignments. Failure to comply with this policy will result in suspension, and only written requests for reinstatement received within 30 days of Notice of Suspension will be considered.  A reinstatement fee may apply.

Contact the ODC office (info@ontariodairies.ca) to obtain dates and locations of upcoming sessions.